Carley is asking for special prayer on behalf of her grandson, Bradley. He’s only 7 months old and is suffering under a severe case of the flu. His mother, Carley’s daughter, Meredith and the rest of the family is very concerned this might accelerate. Please pray God will relieve little Bradley from this condition and restore his health back to normal. 


Please pray for Damianus aditya christie and Josephine to be reconciled. Please pray for strength in this matter.


My name is Beth Ann Riley.. and, I am from Manhattan, Kansas however, originally from Convoy, Ohio ...Fort Wayne , Indiana area grew up in God's Church.. I would like to take the opportunity and ask for a very special prayer request in thankfulness to Mr. Greg Butler.. and, his family.. for Mr. Butler is my landlord.. and, everyday ..I give thankfulness to him in my life..as I am able to walk to work ..and, have a very good career.. God has blessed me very much very richly ..my light shines ever so brightly and, I give thankfulness to Mr. Butler ...him ...bless them.... bless them in life.. bless their health.. bless their well-being.. bless them always for blessing me ...! Thank-you Beth Ann


Good News regarding Dennis Dean, Long time member of the Church of God, here in the Cleveland area––his bone cancer has not spread. He is responding to the treatment and the cancer  appears to have stabilized. He is also gaining weight and showing some overall improvement. However, he continues to need our prayers as he still has an incurable cancer.Please keep him and his wife Casie in your prayers as they continue to fight this battle.


Tim M. is requesting special prayer for some dental work he has recently had done. Tim had major surgery removing many of his teeth, which are taking a very long time to heal so he can begin using his new teeth. At this time he is still very sore and not able to really eat like he would like. Please keep Tim in your prayers as he misses coming to church very much.


The Szalankiewicz's are continuing to request special prayer. The recent car accident that Ed was in has resulted in totaling his car. So, at present he is shopping for a new car and still on the mend from his aches, pains & Chest Wall and Cervical Contusions––in short, very severe bruises.

Linda has been told her tumors in her liver have grown some. She will start new medication next week. Please continue to pray God will show mercy on both and heal them of these maladies.


Angela Lukavsky is requesting prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift her son-in-law, Joshua Dale Watson’s mood and health. Josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.


Ed Szalankiewicz was in a serious car accident––he was T-boned this week. His car appears to be totaled. However, it seems God had him covered as he came out of it with just some major bruises, nothing was broke and he was released from the Hospital the same day. Presently, he is at home recovering and doing as well as can be expected. He's considerably sore at the moment.

However, he has some news about his own health that concerns him––there is a spot on his lung that has appeared. He's going in for tests to determine just what this is and if it's anything of consequence.

Please keep him in your prayers as he and Linda face these challenges in their life.

On another note: Linda's bone scans came back and they revealed she has stabilized, nothing appears to have gotten worse with her bones. She will be going in for a liver scan, with results to be forth coming. Please keep Linda continual in prayer.


Linda and Dave would like to thank you for prayers for Rabbi Greg Hersberg. Praise God, he is on the road to recovery!


Carley is asking for special prayer concerning her personal health problems. Her issue's have worsened and are now causing her to make some very serious decisions. Please pray God will give her the courage and wisdom to make the right decisions as she weighs her options on what to do. She is very concerned and is hoping for God's intervention as she faces these challenges.


Mr. Edward Battaglia, 81 years old; the father of a very good friend of Julie McClelland, recently had a surprising debilitating stroke.It was severe enough to affect his cognitive and neurological condition and now will require some rehab and possible long-term assisted care. He appears to be improving somewhat, but is requesting prayer that God will bless him with a healing recovery. Please keep the family in your prayers as they go through this adjustment. 


Loretta Jasper is requesting special prayer for her Great Grandson, Gavin. He is about 9 years old and is struggling with some very serious personal problems and disappointments that have been the results of circumstances, surrounding the divorce of his mom and dad. He’s really having a tough time with it all and the family is very concerned about him and his adjustments to the situation. Please keep him and the rest of the family in your prayers as Gavin tries to cope with the circumstances.


* Update on Leland Jasper, husband of Loretta. He is doing much better with his sugar and is responding well with the insulin he is now taking. 

* Loretta also has completed her Chemo treatments and appears to be cancer free! This is great news and Praise God for His mercy and blessings concerning   Loretta’s battle with cancer. 

* However, there have been some side-effects from the chemo treatments that have necessitated some eye surgery for Loretta. She will be undertaking this surgery in the near future and asks for your prayers that all will go


Georgia Williams of Carsonville, Mi, long time member of God’s church has died. Please keep her husband, Bob Williams, family and friends in your prayers.

Thank you


Zoe has been diagnosed with viral meningitis  and will be released soon to go home. This is not as serious as bacterial meningitis, but is still serious enough since  it deals with the immune system. There is nothing that can really be done for it other than for it to run its course. Please pray it will leave her system quickly as to not disrupt her Feast plans with her family.



 There appears to be some improvement in Olivia's condition. She is showing signs of normalcy and was actually laughing and playing. However, she is far from complete healing.

Yesterday 9-11-18 marked a full week of using the GVHD treatment. This week of treatment was important before beginning to wean her off of some of the medication she has been on. She is now off of all narcotics. This was a big benchmark before she could be considered for release. She is no longer in pain, but did go through some very painful withdrawal symptoms––but that has since stopped.

 Yesterday, all antibiotics have been stopped and she is handling this very well. Next, they will begin to wean her off of the steroids. If everything goes well and her levels stay relatively stable, it means her intestines have at least healed somewhat. If this is the case the doctors will begin to consider having her begin eating solid food.

Please continue to pray this little girl will continue to make the progress she is making. The family really does appreciate your prayers considering Olivia's condition


Here is an update about Gary Dullum from his wife, Faith

First, I really want to thank so many of you who have come, brought food, plants, sent us emails or texts, cards and ESPECIALLY have continued lifting Gary/us up in your prayers.Earlier this week Gary's oncologist explained some things.  He said if we had gone to MD Anderson in Houston after the initial chemo infusion regimen wasn't totally successful, specialists there would still have used the same exact chemo and chemo pill therapy as was done here, because they are the only chemo known to treat Gary's type of cancer: highly aggressive (90 some on a scale of 1 to 100) Neuroendocrine Carcinoma (when first discovered in January it had already metastasized all throughout his body).  So we would have spent all that time in Houston getting the same treatment, and then would have had to return home in the same shape (or worse) he's in now too weak to try any clinical trials at MDA anyway.We told him how we expect relatives to visit from out of town the last week of September he responded by asking if they couldn't come sooner, since he wasn't sure Gary would live until they came!  He suggested we begin hospice care.  When I went to get the car Gary asked him How much time? , and he responded 2-3 weeks, depending on his will to live.  Some of you know that Gary was in the hospital Mon.-Fri. last week for inability to empty his infected bladder, and remains catheterized still.  He's unable to eat/drink much of anything now.We'd so much appreciate prayers that Gary will have an appetite, and his body use nourishment to be strengthened enough to at least enjoy being with relatives when they come.Much love to all,Faith Dullum


From Greg Sargent, COGWA pastor, Kansas City, KS; Columbia, MO:

Gwendolyn Scarborough, a seventeen-year-old girl in the Kansas City congregation, requests prayers for God to heal her of a brain malformation. One year ago, Gwendolyn went to a neurologist to determine what could be causing headaches and dizziness which had been occurring for six years. Two MRI’s confirmed that she had Chiari 1 malformation, a condition in which the brain grows into the spinal cavity and spinal fluid pools, causing pressure on the spinal canal. Due to worsening conditions in the past six months, multiple neurologists have recommended surgery. If her condition worsens, permanent nerve damage could result. The surgery will involve removing part of her skull and opening room to relieve the pressure and restore the spinal fluid flow.

Gwendolyn has been anointed and the hope and prayer is that she will be healed prior to surgery. Please pray that she will be healed, but if she must have the surgery, that it will be completely successful with no complications and a speedy recovery. Surgery is scheduled for July 16.

5245 Owl Creek Rd.

Odessa, MO 64076



Update on Bob Williams of Carsonville, Michigan:

 Bob'a colon cancer is stage 4. He has decided not do have chemo and will go with diet and nutrition supplementation. Continued prayers are requested. His wife Georgia is having eye surgery on June 25. If it does not help then there is nothing else physically that can be done to prevent blindness. Pray for mercy for both of them.



Rose Kennedy would greatly appreciate your prayers for her husband Dave and herself . Her husband was diagnosed with high blood sugar and she was bitten by a tick on the 25 of May and need prayers that she does not become sick with any illnesses due to this bite. Thank you very much.




Judith Kopec is asking for prayer for her brother, Jim Considine. A mass has been found in his lungs and will have a biopsy on Thursday.




Sara Hendrix is asking for prayer for her 10 year old niece and her nephew. It is serious personal reasons. Please pray as God knows the situation.




Please keep Doctor Shelly in your prayers––Rene Shelly’s dad––a long time member of God’s church. He presently is under Hospice care and is not doing real well. The family is asking to keep him in your prayers as they go through this process. Also, Rene fell some time ago and broke her hip. She is recovering, but do keep her in your prayers as well.