Sheila Cooper, CGI Burlington, has died. Please keep the family in your prayers.

James Hackworth, CGI Columbus, OH, has lung cancer and needs our prayers. He reports that after being anointed for a related kidney shutdown, his kidneys returned to normal function and he appears to be continuing to recover - we praise God for answered prayer.

Elder Wayne Hendrix continues to be plagued by COPD. He requests prayers for lung issues and related fatigue. 

Ongoing prayers for Elders Bronson James and Ed Szalankiewicz; Merlene Hylton, Nikki Kennedy, Leland Jasper, Belinda Repose, and Evelyn Brewster.


From Carol B. - I recently had knee surgery in July 2019. I am still recovering, and can now walk, but I am still having pain which has prevented me from attending church. I am asking that you please pray that my knee gets better so that I can attend church and be able to tolerate whatever discomfort I have when I am at work and during other daily activities. Thanks.


We are sorry to announce the Passing of Mr. Hiep Hong, of Auburndale, Florida. He was the Husband of Cheryl Hong and father of Lele and Michael. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for the family as they progress through the grieving of loss of their dearly beloved. Please keep them in your prayers.


Please pray for Sara and Nathaniel Uncle. He was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. Needs lots of prayers.


Special prayer is being requested on behalf of the Rusinko family. Last Sunday Terri Rusinko’s younger brother, Michael Snow, took his own life. The family has requested prayer concerning this very tragic and surprising event. They would deeply appreciate your concerns as they go through this grieving process. May they all find comfort and solace in the knowledge of God’s presence and plan, knowing that Michael is promised, indeed, to live again at a later time. “Wherefore comfort one another with these words."


From Arnold Hampton, COGWA regional director for the Caribbean:

Hurricane Dorian is a catastrophic storm that is slowly passing through the northern islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama in the country of The Bahamas. The storm is a Category 5 with winds of 185 miles per hour and gusts over 220 mph. They are expecting storm surges of 15 to 20 feet and higher. At this point, those who have not evacuated to shelters will not be rescued in case of an emergency. We have two families on Grand Bahama in a home that has been made as secured as possible. Both the Prime Minister of the country and the leaders on the island of Grand Bahama are pleading for prayers. I echo their requests and request your prayers.


John Monahan, from the Heartland Congregation in the Kansas City area, is requesting special prayer due to some residual cancer left from a prostate operation done back in April of this year. He has under taken some radiation treatments and now is going on some hormone shots. Future radiation treatments may be required. Please keep John and his family in your prayers as they continue to fight this battle together. They are hopeful that God will heal him from this situation.

He also needs prayer for a new job. He is a private contractor at present and his contract is up September 21st. He would appreciate prayer that God will guide him through to the next step.


Sheryl B is requesting prayer that God’s will be done in the lives of Grant J, Hugh, Cindy and Casey's lives


Gail C. found out that their grandson Seth, 22, living in KY, got kicked in the face by a horse today. He’s in the hospital with a cracked jaw in several places, a loose tooth, and a concussion. He’s being moved to another hospital to be evaluated for surgery. Update- Thanking everyone for their prayers! Concussion is mild, teeth temporarily wired for stability, lacerations stitched up, and fractures in jaw small enough to heal on their own. Thanks be to God! He will likely go home tonight. (They took him to Louisville).


Mr. Battaglia, 81 years old is still dealing with the effects of his recent stroke late last year and 

continues to need our prayers. This is the father of a very good friend of Julie McClelland’s. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


Angela Lukavsky is requesting prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift her son-in-law, Joshua Dale Watson’s mood and health. Josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.


Carley is asking for special prayer concerning her personal health problems. Her issue's have worsened and are now causing her to make some very serious decisions. Please pray God will give her the courage and wisdom to make the right decisions as she weighs her options on what to do. She is very concerned and is hoping for God's intervention as she faces these challenges.



 There appears to be some improvement in Olivia's condition. She is showing signs of normalcy and was actually laughing and playing. However, she is far from complete healing.

Yesterday 9-11-18 marked a full week of using the GVHD treatment. This week of treatment was important before beginning to wean her off of some of the medication she has been on. She is now off of all narcotics. This was a big benchmark before she could be considered for release. She is no longer in pain, but did go through some very painful withdrawal symptoms––but that has since stopped.

 Yesterday, all antibiotics have been stopped and she is handling this very well. Next, they will begin to wean her off of the steroids. If everything goes well and her levels stay relatively stable, it means her intestines have at least healed somewhat. If this is the case the doctors will begin to consider having her begin eating solid food.

Please continue to pray this little girl will continue to make the progress she is making. The family really does appreciate your prayers considering Olivia's condition




Sara Hendrix is asking for prayer for her 10 year old niece and her nephew. It is serious personal reasons. Please pray as God knows the situation.