Dianna B. is now at home. She has been released from the nursing care center she was at and is in the are of her family. Please keep her in your prayers as her family and friends attempt to nurture her back to health. She is down to 77 lbs and is not doing very well. She is still suffering from a failed eye operation and cannot see from that eye. The Doctor is telling her it will get better, but it’s been about 6 weeks now since the operation. Please pray God will afford Dianna some progress with her eye.



Prayer request sent in from John Grane

 Please pray that I get an economic miracle soon and find a new job very soon. I do need some miracles .Pray that he will bless my economy with miracles very soon .Pray for my family and friends. Pray in Jesus name and he will hear us from heaven. Pray that he will send his blessing to me these days to come. We pray that he will answer our needs in life. Everything is under his control. He takes care of his children. Thanks to everyone that pray for me. I am ever grateful for that. I will pray that God bless your life in many ways. He will open a door for me and I need to hear from him very soon. He listens to our heart. Thanks and God bless you so much.


Ed and Linda are doing much better now. However, Linda is still receiving treatments for her cancer. This will be ongoing for a while and she remains in need of prayer. Presently, she has been driving a little bit as well as occasionally going out to eat in restaurants. Ed is very relieved as is the rest of the family. Linda has been assured by her doctors that her response to the treatments and prayers will result in many more years of life. Presently she is very encouraged. Today, she will be going through some tests that will determine the conditions of her bones. Please pray her skeletal structure is free from any cancer. This test will give her that result in a few weeks.

Ed on the other hand, has also been given some good news; he may be able to avoid another open heart surgery operation and instead be able to get by with just the addition of another stent. This is very encouraging since he is still struggling with energy and stamina issues––he tires very easily. Please keep him in your prayers also that this could indeed be done, as opposed another open heart surgical procedure. Keep them both in your prayers!



As all of us know, hurricane “Irma" is approaching Florida and the Caribbean, packing over 150 MPH winds––it’s now a strong category 5. It’s not clear just what its path will be, but it appears it will hit many of the Islands and southern Florida–-at least that’s what may of the forecasts show. Do keep the people of the Caribbean and Florida in your prayers, along with the brethren throughout that area. We have a lot of folks living there and multiple Feast sights planned for the 2017 Feast season––this has the potential of disrupting a lot of plans for the Fall Holy Days for many organizations of God’s Church.

The population of Miami has been told to evacuate their locations and there is an immense amount of activity to take precautions of protecting property and possessions all through the path of this monstrous storm. Please keep all these people in your daily prayers as they try to make the right decisions for the safety of their families and friends and ask God to send it out to sea. We’ll try to keep you updated as much as we can.



Clifton Buchanan, CGI Houston elder, and his family are suffering from the effects of hurricane Harvey, as many of the brethren are there in the Houston area. As of now the Buchanan family and other brethren are doing okay, but they are now being threatened by all of the continuing rain. Clifton and family was in progress of evacuating his neighborhood due to the cresting of a river near his home that will flood his neighborhood. They were in route to leave when they were told by the authorities to turn around and go back to their neighborhoods and homes to help protect them from the cresting river. There appears to be a levy the city is going to use to divert the water away from the neighborhood, hoping to eliminate any flooding. So, Clifton and his family are headed back to his home, which is threatened with flooding to help with the levy pumping system, along with other neighbors. Please pray they will be successful and are able to avoid their homes being damage from the rising waters in their neighborhood.




The PET scan that Pete's Aunt Sylvia had did show a cancerous mass in her lungs. She is still continuing with holistic treatment. Please keep her in your prayers.



Jim Bowman is doing better, He’s received some help for the needs he is in need of, but has a long way to go.. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to struggle with medication, diet, and many health concerns he presently is contending with.



Richard M. is still battling his health issues. He is no longer getting blood transfusions, which is a good thing since that indicates he is not bleeding internally. However, he is still weak and not up to “par.” The family continues to ask to keep him in your prayers.



Dick Smalley’s wife Fran, is still recovering. She’s doing much better, but still needs prayer as she continues this recovery. The heart surgery went well and that is behind her, but she is still weak and recovering …




Bronson James 5 year old grandson, Nathan, is still taking Chemo treatments for his Brikett Lymophoma. Do keep him in your prayers as he continues these treatments.