Update on Paul McIntyre

Paul  was taken in for emergency surgery last night.  Here is the latest information on Paul McIntyre.  The injuries we know as of now on Paul; broken ribs, bleeding sciatica, broken pelvis, knee injuries, cuts and bruise  Please keep our brother Paul and family in prayer before our merciful Father's throne.  His family thanks everyone for their prayers and continued prayers for Paul and their family.


Anna McIntyre from the CGI Atlanta congregation was killed in a car accident earlier today.

Her husband Paul McIntyre is in hospital with severe injuries to the pelvis and  back and does not know about Anna yet. Please keep the family in your prayers during this difficult time.



Please remember Landon Mclaughlin's friend Momina’s family in your prayers. Her father died in an car accident Monday night and her mother is in critical condition. 




We have good news about Wayne Hendrix––he is “much improved.” His energy is coming back and he is not sleeping as much. His cough and voice is getting stronger and is back in the pulpit speaking every Sabbath according to his travel schedule. However, keep him in your prayers as he is still not fully recovered.



From Greg Sargent, COGWA pastor, Kansas City, KS; Columbia, MO:

Gwendolyn Scarborough, a seventeen-year-old girl in the Kansas City congregation, requests prayers for God to heal her of a brain malformation. One year ago, Gwendolyn went to a neurologist to determine what could be causing headaches and dizziness which had been occurring for six years. Two MRI’s confirmed that she had Chiari 1 malformation, a condition in which the brain grows into the spinal cavity and spinal fluid pools, causing pressure on the spinal canal. Due to worsening conditions in the past six months, multiple neurologists have recommended surgery. If her condition worsens, permanent nerve damage could result. The surgery will involve removing part of her skull and opening room to relieve the pressure and restore the spinal fluid flow.

Gwendolyn has been anointed and the hope and prayer is that she will be healed prior to surgery. Please pray that she will be healed, but if she must have the surgery, that it will be completely successful with no complications and a speedy recovery. Surgery is scheduled for July 16.

5245 Owl Creek Rd.

Odessa, MO 64076



Please pray for Alfred Hensell's brother, Dennis He is in Eden Hospital with an obstruction of the bowel.



Carley’s friend Diane, long time member of God’s Church, who we’ve been praying for, while she battles cancer is not doing well. As we know she was originally diagnosed with Stage #3 breast cancer. This was not good news as it was also considered a very aggressive type of cancer. She has been in a chemo program for the last 5 months with unsuccessful results––the tumor is now the size of a small melon. The doctors attempted to treat this "increased size" with a 6 week program of intense radiation, but had to stop after almost completing it, due to burns Diane experienced caused by the treatment. Recent tests on the results have confirmed the cancer has metastasized in her lungs, upgrading her to a stage #4 cancer condition. Doctors have decided this tumor is inoperable due to it’s size and depth.


Diane is reaching out in an effort to obtain a "particular test" that will help her more specifically target the type of cancer she has, which has turned out to be chemo resistant. The specific test is known as R.G.C.C. This is a blood test that analyzes tumor cells and cancer stem cells, with results that suggest the best chemo and/or possible holistic treatment options for the particular cancer.


The problem is this test is expensive and not covered under her Insurance. So, she has set up a go fund me account at the link below. Please keep Diane in your prayers as she and her family continue this struggle with this growing disease she has been battling. She has been left with no other options.





Linda continues to make progress, but she is still receiving treatments. She is not out of the “woods" just yet.She is getting out and about more and appears to be responding to the treatments quite well. Please continue to keep her, Ed, and the rest of the family in your prayers.



Update on Bob Williams of Carsonville, Michigan:

 Bob'a colon cancer is stage 4. He has decided not do have chemo and will go with diet and nutrition supplementation. Continued prayers are requested. His wife Georgia is having eye surgery on June 25. If it does not help then there is nothing else physically that can be done to prevent blindness. Pray for mercy for both of them.



Rose Kennedy would greatly appreciate your prayers for her husband Dave and herself . Her husband was diagnosed with high blood sugar and she was bitten by a tick on the 25 of May and need prayers that she does not become sick with any illnesses due to this bite. Thank you very much.




Please pray for Lynne River's daughter, Kaylynn Michelle Dean. She is pregnant and facing a lot of emotional issues with co-workers. She also is facing some issues in her education. Please pray that these work out for her. Also pray that the baby's father's transfer will come through. Thank-you.



Judith Kopec is asking for prayer for her brother, Jim Considine. A mass has been found in his lungs and will have a biopsy on Thursday.




George has been making progress, but two days ago he was rushed to the hospital after falling from a “black out.” He is now home resting and seems to be recovering alright. But, please keep him in your prayers as he try to gain his regular routine.




Sara Hendrix is asking for prayer for her 10 year old niece and her nephew. It is serious personal reasons. Please pray as God knows the situation.



Loretta Jasper (from London Ontario, Ca) who is still undergoing cancer treatments found out this week that Leland, her husband, and long time member of God’s church, has been diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes. He has been put on insulin with two different types, to be applied in the morning and evening. He appears to be responding to the insulin treatments in a positive fashion and is balancing his sugar levels––this is a good sign. But he will have to undergo additional tests and the hope is they will be able to get control of this as soon as they can. Please pray he will continue to improve.



Joseph Flores, nephew of long time member Eli Flores, will be having a very sensitive Brain operation to remove a tumor. It will be conducted tomorrow. Do keep him in your prayers––he’s only 26 years old..




Please keep Doctor Shelly in your prayers––Rene Shelly’s dad––a long time member of God’s church. He presently is under Hospice care and is not doing real well. The family is asking to keep him in your prayers as they go through this process. Also, Rene fell some time ago and broke her hip. She is recovering, but do keep her in your prayers as well.