Loretta Jasper (from London Ontario, Ca) who is still undergoing cancer treatments found out this week that Leland, her husband, and long time member of God’s church, has been diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes. He has been put on insulin with two different types, to be applied in the morning and evening. He appears to be responding to the insulin treatments in a positive fashion and is balancing his sugar levels––this is a good sign. But he will have to undergo additional tests and the hope is they will be able to get control of this as soon as they can. Please pray he will continue to improve.



Dianna Bowman has just found out that Rebecca, her grand-daughter, has had a relapse with the cancer she has been fighting. It was thought she was in remission for a few years and everyone seemed to be relieved since there appeared to be no updates to the contrary. As a matter of fact, Rebecca has since moved to Chicago with a very good job that relocated her there, all expenses paid. So, she moved with her family in tow and has been there for a few months. 

However, sadly she is now back in the hospital in Chicago, re-diaognosed with a tumor, or tumors––at this time it’s unclear as to it being one or more. She is taking morphine for her pain and is presently being treated for the cancer that has returned. 

Please keep her in your prayers as she re-engages this fight she has been in for multiple years now. She’s concerned about a lot of things and hopes her job won’t be jeopardized. Do keep her and the family in your prayers!



Please pray for Edwin Gomez. He and his family need prayers for a variety of personal problems.


Please prayer foe Srinivas Kumar. He is having some health issues. Thank-you


Joseph Flores, nephew of long time member Eli Flores, will be having a very sensitive Brain operation to remove a tumor. It will be conducted tomorrow. Do keep him in your prayers––he’s only 26 years old..



Jeff Reed is asking for special prayer for his mom. She has 3 golf ball size growths on her liver. She was in ICU, but now has been released to be transferred into a normal room as soon as one becomes available–-the hospital seems to be particularly busy at this time. They did take samples from her bile duct, which seems to be blocked and intend to do a biopsy on her liver in the next few days. Please pray that they are benign and she will be released soon. Jeff is presently at his moms side back in Alabama. We’ll keep you updated..


Update on Rick Dubler

Rick came home from the Hospital on Friday and presently is recovering rather well. The good news is the bones that were originally thought to be broken turned out not to be. So, his injuries were not as bad as initially thought. But, please keep him and the family in your prayer. It’s greatly appreciated..




We have some very sad news. Ian Boyne passed away yesterday, December 18th at the hospital. As many of you know he was released from the hospital last Monday after making what appeared to be a miraculous rebound after multiple heart attacks. However, he became ill again while at home recuperating and was taken back to the hospital where he died. Please keep the family in your prayers as they go through this grieving process. He was a big part of the Island of Jamaica, not only in the church, but in his career that included hosting 3 television programs, writing a weekly op-ed for the local Jamaican paper and working in the political arena that included interaction with many political legislators and the Prime Minister of Jamaica––he was a well know personality throughout the Island and was loved by many.


The congregation has lost a dynamic individual and who was a big part of the leadership element there in the Kingston congregation. Pastor Boyne also conducted multiple evangelistic campaigns over the decades he has served, affecting the growth of the “Work” into the hearts of 1000’s their in Jamaica. He was relentless in his efforts to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to share the Good News of Salvation with anyone who would listen––even dedicating one of his T.V. programs exclusively to reveal the truth of God and Christ as compared to the traditional beliefs shared by so many denomination in the traditional Christian community. He will be sorely missed by many both inside and outside of the Church of God. Do please keep the family in your prayers.


Sonja's test went well. Please keep her in your prayers for good results in a few weeks.


Please keep Doctor Shelly in your prayers––Rene Shelly’s dad––a long time member of God’s church. He presently is under Hospice care and is not doing real well. The family is asking to keep him in your prayers as they go through this process. Also, Rene fell some time ago and broke her hip. She is recovering, but do keep her in your prayers as well.



Bob T from the Toledo congregation was rushed to the Hospital last night (Thursday 12-14-17) with what appears to be some minor strokes. He is in St. Vincent Hospital resting and being tested to confirm just what the issues may be. Please keep him in your prayers.



Wayne is doing much better but would still appreciate your prayers as he continues to qualify his health concerns.




Update for Wynn Skelton

Hi to everyone...

    I am sending out a quick update (as some folks have been asking) to let you know that we go in this morning for Wynn to have the MRI and MRA, as well as, an Echocardiogram and EEG.  It’s pretty much an all-day affair, and I am sure we won’t know results until later.

    He is feeling well and, as some of you know, is driving, working and pretty much doing his everyday activities.  We are thankful for the tremendous progress, and we know that some of you are going through trials of your own, ...keeping you in prayer as well.

    We will continue to update you when we have results to share.

Love you all,

Wynn and Kim



Please keep George Ransdell in our prayers. George formally attended the Bath, Ohio congregation for years and has since moved to Florida about 10 years ago. 

The following  prayer Request is from Morgan Pinkerman, Elder, CGI, Auburndale, FL Congregation.

Dear Family,

I have just gotten off the phone with our dear brother George Ransdell. George was taken to the hospital today due to unremitting nausea and vomiting. He has been suffering from this for sometime as you may know, but his symptoms were much worse today. At this time after initial work-up they believe it is possible George had a mild heart attack, as his cardiac enzymes are elevated. Of course they also confirmed that this could also be the result of the strain of the unremitting vomiting or due to his poor renal (kidney) functioning. The kidney problem is what is very likely causing the vomiting in the first place.Our brother needs our urgent prayers to our Heavenly Father at this time for his healing and that he has not had another heart attack. Also for the restoration of his kidney function and that perhaps his kidney doctor will agree that it at last time to get him on dialysis.I will keep you updated on his condition as I become aware.




Dianna is doing much better now that she has returned home. She is gaining weight and is now up to about 87 lbs. She’s looking and feeling much better. She’s up and around, cooking and going to the store. So, things are looking good for now. She and her family still need our prayers as they continue to work through the issues facing them in this caregiving situation. 


Carley’s friend Diane, who attends the UCG, is still struggling with her rare type of cancer and is now having difficulty with the Chemo treatment. Please continue to keep  her in your prayers as her body goes through the adjustment it needs to accept these treatments she has chosen to use. The doctors are trying to shrink the tumor so they can remove it. At present, it’s too large. Pray the tumor will respond to these treatments and begin to shrink. Pray that God will afford her success to be healed from this cancer.



From Doug Johnson, COGWA pastor, Cleveland, OH; Meadville, PA:

Renee Williams and her husband, Ray, members of the Cleveland, Ohio, congregation, request your prayers.Renee has been in the hospital for over two weeks, battling a very serious infection in her foot, with two surgeries required so far. The situation is complicated by her diabetic condition. Following the second surgery Nov. 20 (a skin graft to close the wound), her doctors are pleased that there appears to be no further infection, but the minimal circulation levels in her foot give them concern.In addition, Renee learned just days before being admitted to the hospital that she also is dealing with breast cancer. They would very much appreciate the prayers of their Church family, and thank you all in advance.



Linda continues to make progress, but she is still receiving treatments. She is not out of the “woods" just yet.She is getting out and about more and appears to be responding to the treatments quite well. Please continue to keep her, Ed, and the rest of the family in your prayers.



The PET scan that Pete's Aunt Sylvia had did show a cancerous mass in her lungs. She is still continuing with holistic treatment. Please keep her in your prayers. She is also battling pneumonia.



Jim Bowman continues to struggle with his personal health problems. He is still weak and suffers from a lack of energy. The family continues to ask you keep him in your prayers.



Richard M. is still battling his health issues. He is no longer getting blood transfusions, which is a good thing since that indicates he is not bleeding internally. However, he is still weak and not up to “par.” The family continues to ask to keep him in your prayers.