Prayers,please, for Jeff Reed and his family. Jeff's mom, Wilma Reed passed away this morning.



Some weeks ago it was announced a little girl named Chloe- just 2 years old, contracted some sort of virus or bacteria- the doctors didn’t know at the time. One day she was a healthy little girl, the next day, she’s in the hospital fighting for her life.Well Chloe surprisingly passed away about 2 weeks ago. The cause of death remains unknown and the family is stunned by this shocking “sting of death.”Please keep the family in your prayers as they try to process this loss and grief they are now experiencing..


Update on Bob Williams of Carsonville, Michigan. The cancer was removed from his colon but has spread beyond. Bob and his wife, Georgia, will be meeting with the surgeon and oncologist to determine the course of action. Please pray for wisdom for all involved and for God's mercy and comfort for Bob and Georgia. Updates to follow.


Please pray for Lynne River's daughter, Kaylynn Michelle Dean. She is pregnant and facing a lot of emotional issues with co-workers. She also is facing some issues in her education. Please pray that these work out for her. Also pray that the baby's father's transfer will come through. Thank-you.



Judith Kopec is asking for prayer for her brother, Jim Considine. A mass has been found in his lungs and will have a biopsy on Thursday.



Long time member, Bob Williams of Carsonville, Michigan will be undergoing surgery for colon cancer on April 10th. Please prayers are needed for Bob and his family.



George has been making progress, but two days ago he was rushed to the hospital after falling from a “black out.” He is now home resting and seems to be recovering alright. But, please keep him in your prayers as he try to gain his regular routine.


Update on Jeff Reed's Mom

My Mom is currently stable in SICU on a ventilator and heavily sedated. They are beginning to feed her with feeding tube. They started to do dialysis but her heart rate jumped to over 200 so they stopped. We are waiting to hear from cardiologist tonight to see what the course of action will be.  Please keep the family in your prayers as they go through this trial.



Carley is requesting prayer for her friend, Betty Hougland for health related issues.



Sara Hendrix is asking for prayer for her 10 year old niece and her nephew. It is serious personal reasons. Please pray as God knows the situation.



Loretta Jasper (from London Ontario, Ca) who is still undergoing cancer treatments found out this week that Leland, her husband, and long time member of God’s church, has been diagnosed with Sugar Diabetes. He has been put on insulin with two different types, to be applied in the morning and evening. He appears to be responding to the insulin treatments in a positive fashion and is balancing his sugar levels––this is a good sign. But he will have to undergo additional tests and the hope is they will be able to get control of this as soon as they can. Please pray he will continue to improve.



Joseph Flores, nephew of long time member Eli Flores, will be having a very sensitive Brain operation to remove a tumor. It will be conducted tomorrow. Do keep him in your prayers––he’s only 26 years old..




Please keep Doctor Shelly in your prayers––Rene Shelly’s dad––a long time member of God’s church. He presently is under Hospice care and is not doing real well. The family is asking to keep him in your prayers as they go through this process. Also, Rene fell some time ago and broke her hip. She is recovering, but do keep her in your prayers as well.




Wayne would still appreciate your prayers as he continues to investigate just what some of his health issues are.



Please keep George Ransdell in our prayers. George formally attended the Bath, Ohio congregation for years and has since moved to Florida about 10 years ago. 

The following  prayer Request is from Morgan Pinkerman, Elder, CGI, Auburndale, FL Congregation.

Dear Family,

I have just gotten off the phone with our dear brother George Ransdell. George was taken to the hospital today due to unremitting nausea and vomiting. He has been suffering from this for sometime as you may know, but his symptoms were much worse today. At this time after initial work-up they believe it is possible George had a mild heart attack, as his cardiac enzymes are elevated. Of course they also confirmed that this could also be the result of the strain of the unremitting vomiting or due to his poor renal (kidney) functioning. The kidney problem is what is very likely causing the vomiting in the first place.Our brother needs our urgent prayers to our Heavenly Father at this time for his healing and that he has not had another heart attack. Also for the restoration of his kidney function and that perhaps his kidney doctor will agree that it at last time to get him on dialysis.I will keep you updated on his condition as I become aware.




Carley’s friend Diane, who attends the UCG, is still struggling with her rare type of cancer and is now having difficulty with the Chemo treatment. Please continue to keep  her in your prayers as her body goes through the adjustment it needs to accept these treatments she has chosen to use. The doctors are trying to shrink the tumor so they can remove it. At present, it’s too large. Pray the tumor will respond to these treatments and begin to shrink. Pray that God will afford her success to be healed from this cancer.



From Doug Johnson, COGWA pastor, Cleveland, OH; Meadville, PA:

Renee Williams and her husband, Ray, members of the Cleveland, Ohio, congregation, request your prayers.Renee has been in the hospital for over two weeks, battling a very serious infection in her foot, with two surgeries required so far. The situation is complicated by her diabetic condition. Following the second surgery Nov. 20 (a skin graft to close the wound), her doctors are pleased that there appears to be no further infection, but the minimal circulation levels in her foot give them concern.In addition, Renee learned just days before being admitted to the hospital that she also is dealing with breast cancer. They would very much appreciate the prayers of their Church family, and thank you all in advance.



Linda continues to make progress, but she is still receiving treatments. She is not out of the “woods" just yet.She is getting out and about more and appears to be responding to the treatments quite well. Please continue to keep her, Ed, and the rest of the family in your prayers.